Birch Sap and intermittent fasting
Unique Healing Retreat
Mongolia 03 – 13 May 2019

“It is a unique living water elixir which has magical restorative and detoxifying properties, a source of eternal youth and is used medicinally, externally or internally for centuries in Northern countries as Siberia - Mongolia”

Mongolia is the land of the Blue Sky. It is one of the best places to do the birch sap healing, because of the fresh air and amazing untouched nature.

We will tap the birch sap ourselves for daily use and drink 1.5 l per day and do half fasting. The standard food that will be offered is vegetarian food, but for those who would like to have gluten free or meat, there is a solution.
You need to bring: 0,5l bottle for the sap, warm sleeping bag, raincoat, warm hiking shoes, extra warm shoes, warm light ski wear, warm clothes, sunglasses and a small backpack for water bottle.
Day temperature will be around 7◦C - 10◦C. The hikes will take max. 3 hours a day.

Price: 1290,-€

Date: 3-13. May 2019
Included: Transportation during the trip, 2 days hotel, food and camp, Invitation for visa to Mongolia
Excluded: International flights, visa to Mongolia (€ 50 - € 80)
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Travel Schedule 2019: 

Day 1: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar

Day 2: drive to Birch Sap Healing Camp with jeep and bus (about 2 hours).

Day 2 – 9: 10 days in the Birch Sap Healing Camp in a Mongolian traditional ’Ger’ (Yurt).

Day 10: Return to Ulaanbaatar

Day 11: Back to EU

Birch sap is the sap directly tapped from the white birch tree. Traditionally it has been viewed as a part of nature's renewable energy cycle, harvested once a year at the break of spring. The birch sap is a slightly sweet, thin syrupy-watery liquid. This sap is one of the best living energy sources you can drink.

“It is a unique living water elixir which has magical restorative and detoxifying properties, a source of eternal youth”

Healing benefits of drinking white tree birch sap:

The Birch sap is a very powerful blood-purifying agent. Nowadays, birch sap is used across the globe and is a highly effective detoxifying agent that targets two key organs and two major cleansing and purification systems at the same time.
Powerful diuretic properties:

The liver by capturing and neutralizing toxic waste products. The kidneys by eliminating and filtering waste through the urinary tract.
● Significant anti-ageing, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-thrombotic (anti-clot formation) effects, headaches, bronchitis, cough, radiculitis and arthritis and at rheumatism, high cholesterol, heart and kidney edema, and cystitis.
● Stimulates the metabolism and aid in better digestion, destroys uric stones, effective as treatment of stomach and liver ulcer.
● Eliminating cellulite from the body and treats problems like obesity over time.
● Skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, furunculous and other skin irritations.
● It contains substances that possesses antimicrobial activity and has been used as a cosmetic face-wash - cleaning, refreshing and renewing the skin.
● Your skin and hair will experience an amazing difference with this great drink.

But what exactly is in this unique living drink and why does it have such an impressive reputation?

According to the website of Bayarozavik, one of the biggest American birch water brands, the basic nutritional profile of birch sap is very similar to its coconut cousin — but with a couple of impressive nutritional extras.
One of the super-ingredients that birch water boasts, coconut water does not have is: xylitol — a sweetener with 40% fewer calories than sugar.
Unlike coconut water, birch sap contains compounds called saponins, which research have shown to have powerful cholesterol-reducing properties.

Saponins decrease blood lipids, lower cancer risks and lower blood glucose response.
A high saponins diet can be used in the inhibition of dental caries and platelet aggregation and as an antidote against acute lead poisoning.
Birch sap contains the most important minerals for human body including
6 electrolytes: calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and sodium.

Vital vitamins, natural sugars, natural carbohydrates, iron, copper, sodium, amino acid, bioactive enzymes, very rich in vitamin C and Bvitamins like thiamine.
It also contains betulinic acid that gives its  anti-inflammatory properties, which are helpful in treating conditions like arthritis, high cholesterol, heart and kidney and cystitis.
Birch bud and leaves are commonly juiced, and this juice is used for treating inflammations and infections of the urinary tract, edema, and renal calculus.
The buds of the birch tree are a rich source of vitamin C, tannin, and flavonoids.

The Chaga is a mushroom that typically grows on birch trees in colder climates across the Northern Hemisphere. During our trip we will have the opportunity to see one of these extraordinary mushrooms.
The health benefits of Chaga are numerous, many of which can be attributed to its immune-boosting ingredients and antioxidants (Beta- D-Glucans, polysaccharides, phytosterols, melanin, etc.

  •  Supports immune system

  •  Soothing properties (such as diabetes)

  •  Ulcers and gastritis

  •  Normalize blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  •  Anti-carcinogenic

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